Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girl's Best Friend

"My little dog- an angel at my feet."
~Edith Wharton

Today was not so good, not so good at all. As a matter of fact, and to be perfectly honest, it's still not the greatest. But, at least I have my best friend, my person with fur, beside me.

Did you ever notice, how when we're at our complete worst, there's always that one person who doesn't care? You know him or her. It's that special person that doesn't care that you are smelly, gross, and in the bathroom hugging the porcelain queen.

Growing up, that person was my mom. She'd gently hold my hair back as I got sick. She'd make me cute cups of ice chips, gently rub my face, and cover me in extra soft blankets.

Then there was my dad. He always played his role, too. He'd drive to Giant Eagle, returning with boxes of Popsicles and some new magazines. For some crazy reason, I still remember that he always got the colorful Popsicles that were in the shape of Micky Mouse. Somehow, those just made me all better.

Now I'm all grown up and I've noticed that some things really do change. This is my first round of sickness in about 8 years (blessing!) and my first one without mom and dad to take care of me.

That's why I'm glad for Charlie. As I type this, she sits on my lap, right where she has been for the entire day. No matter what happened or where I went, she was beside me or nestled in the crook of my arm or watching in terror as I got sick...keeping me warm, giving me puppy kisses, and making me feel so loved.

It's truly amazing how loyal and loving puppies can be. No matter what, I know I can count on my tiny, four-pawed, furry best friend.

  • Charlie T. is 4.5 years old and no longer a puppy. I refuse to call her a dog- she's way too cute for that. A puppy she shall always be.
  • Charlie T. really isn't a puppy either. I always correct people and tell them that she's a person with fur. (She really is- come and meet her!)


Karey said...

Cathy! It was so good to hear from you! I didn't even realize that you had left a comment (Matt moderates them and forgot to tell me) until my mom mentioned it to me today.
Now that you mention it, I remember hearing that you taught the Snyder kids a couple of years ago. Our families go to church together, so I get to see them whenever we come home for a visit. Such a small world!
I'm sad to hear you're sick - hope you feel better soon. By the way, your description of your mom totally brought back all kinds of memories of sleepovers at your house when I was too nervous about being away from home to actually sleep :) Your mom's the best!

Greta said...

Boo Cathy! Pity on being sick. Wish you were here and we could have been sick together. I'm sure Chad took care of you too. Hope you are better soon. Miss you SO MUCH!

Maria said...

Cathy, So sorry to hear you are sick. I am glad you had Charlie T. keeping you company.

Joan of Arc is doing well, preparing for her battle on Tuesday.

I hope you are better by then....amazing that you went 8 years without getting sick. Let's hope this illness doesn't try to make up for all those years.

See you tomorrow??? with some cup o' soup?

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