Saturday, March 12, 2011

Little Hints

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."
~Lao Tzu

I sit, cuddled with my puppy and a mug of hot tea, listening to the gentle songs and chirps of my little feathered friends. For the past couple of days they've been gathering- sitting on bare tree branches, pecking soggy ground, running under shrubs and searching for nesting materials.

How do they know? I wonder. What does a heartsong sound like?

Just the other day I counted 54 robins in the backyard. That's right. 54. I tried my best to be precise, but they scurried and danced and skipped all over the place, making my eyes strain and probably resulting in an errant conclusion. But, none-the-less, they were everywhere, practically taking over the lawns and landscapes of the neighborhood.

And then the snow fell. And some icy rain. And some pretty harsh winds screeched through the air.

I always find myself in a state of disbelief over the change from winter to spring. To me, it always appears so severe. The other seasons tend to blend into one another, offering plenty of time for nature's creatures to adjust and prepare. But spring- humm... spring is like running into your ex when you look like hell, and then assuming that it couldn't ever happen again, only to have it happen over and over.

Perhaps it's my sensitive heart, but I always worry about the animals and budding plants during this unkind transition. How anything can survive the multiple personalities of Spring continually amazes me. But, perhaps even more amazing, is the notion that not only do things survive, they flourish-- emerging into bright green leaves, lush ground coverings, plump birds and vibrant blossoms.

I almost see a theme, a moral, or a hidden lesson...Do you notice it, too?

Maybe we can all learn something from Spring. Maybe we can conclude that after harsh trials and difficult tests and uncomfortable situations come times of beauty and warmth and growth.

Maybe Summer is a time of reward for the struggles and inconsistencies of Spring.

Here's to new beginnings and beautiful change.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Life Poetry

My Life Poem

I am from skeins of yarn mixed with magical books.
From clicking needles and tangled string,
From vanilla candles, scenting the warm comforting air,
And a tiny fur-friend whimpering and snoring in delightful sleep,
I am from home- calm and peaceful, filled with creativity and love.

I am from church bells ringing to signal the day’s end.
From manicured green lawns and perfectly potted plants,
From freshly brewed java dancing through the air and the sharing of hugs and hellos,
From chirping birds and welcoming touches,
The understanding and acceptance make me feel whole.

I am from rolling hills of farmland and lots of maple trees.
From snowy ski resorts and miles of peaceful bike trails,
From the Kooser State Park swimming hole and Laurel Highlands hiking paths,
From the home of Steelers football and the Flight 93 memorial,
The changing seasons and close-knit relationships are part of who I am.

I am from purple mountains and spacious skies,
From the wondrous Grand Canyon and twinkling sparklers on the 4th of July,
From ordinary people who rise above the occasion and courageous soldiers who diligently fight for freedom,
From a united nation that looks past differences and a land of opportunity,
The freedoms and acceptance allow me to live without fear.

I am from persistence and hard work; my exterior is tough.
From driven German merchants and polite Englishmen,
From perfectionist carpenters and detail oriented cemetery caretakers,
From resourceful women who created loving homes and farmers who were one with the land.
A pure waterfall is what I am.

I am from a vision of internal peace and personal contentment.
From healthy ways of living and taking personal responsibility,
From calm demeanors and understanding personalities,
From education emerging as a priority and a renewed work ethic,
I envision a world where all people strive for success.
** ** ** **
I recently wrote these poems with my 6th grade English classes. I'm pleased to report that the students worked very hard and published some amazing poems. I'm so proud of them. It was beyond rewarding to see them so engaged. Yay, lovelies!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I wonder...

"Where ever you are, be there totally."
~Eckhart Tolle

Today, here at 403, is a most quiet day. We're all snug and taking some time to soak up the last hours of weekend. With the chores of out the way it's been an easy day- lots of reading and little odds and ends, such as cleaning make-up brushes.

Outside, snow flutters to the ground with a most gentle touch. It's so light and fluffy that one can almost hear the "whisp" of white landing on the daffodil bulbs pushing through a crunchy layer of dirt. Although it may be hard to believe, it is most definitely snowing-- and it's most definitely March 6th.

My life, as of late, has taken on a new feel. I can't quite put my finger on it, but I can tell you this-- things are different. I'm prepared and ready for a big change that's about to occur, and while I can't for sure say what that change is going to be, I can tell you that it's going to happen. How's that for being vague? ha.

I'm rather disappointed in myself. I've been taking graduate classes and working towards my Master's degree. However, I despise it. I've never felt so sure that I was wasting my time and/or watching hours of my life go down the tubes. I understand the whole idea of "continued education", but I have yet to feel, after numerous tries, that it's really worth it. I like what I do. No. Actually, I love what I do. Maybe I'm overly negative today, who knows. But I can tell you this. I love being a teacher. I love working with children. I love learning and gaining knowledge about new ideas. I despise grad school.

Recently, I've been spending hours reading. I'm engrossed in a few different books and all I really want to do, as of late, is make coffee and read. I've found myself interested in works by the Dali Lama and stories about people with Autism and Asperger's. I've traveled to Europe and been to the circus and taken a convertible road-trip to Florida. To say the least, my little adventures have been overly entertaining. No wonder I have such an affinity for literature.

I've also been knitting away-- making little booties for some of the sweetest mamas-to-be. Last week I had the awesome privilege of teaching the most darling lady to knit. After one lesson, she proved herself to have highly advanced skills. Lucky me, she brought along Starbucks. I can hardly wait for our next lesson together this Wednesday. I simply love passing along such a wonderful form of creativity and art.

And, I'd be amiss to finish this post without mentioning the fact that somewhere along the line I blinked and woke up to March. Really? Impossible.

Here's to ignoring the pointless work I should be doing and grabbing my newest book.

sinister grin.
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