Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Quiet Sunday Morning

"Being in the moment involves giving maximum appreciation and love to your present experience."
~Sara Paddison

I'm not one to complain about winter. In fact, after my beloved autumn, it's my second favorite. But intertwined with the cool temperatures and cozy feelings, I do get the occasional hankering for sunshine and warmth and green foliage. Today emerged as one of those "hurry up spring" kind of days. I'm so lucky to live in a beautiful place that experiences each season. I really do get to have the best of all worlds.

This morning the sun cast a gentle glow on my pillow, forcing its way past the tightly closed blinds. I knew, just knew, that the day was going to be full of pretty and sunshine.

I grabbed Little One and headed to the kitchen to make some morning java.

Seeing the blue skies and puffy white clouds and listening to the drip, drip, drip of heavy icicles saying good-bye to their winter home, had me reaching for my summertime breakfast of toast and citrus. I don't really eat breakfast during the school year because, quite frankly, I sleep too late and toss my closet each morning. It's quite the scene.

But on this most beautiful Sunday morning, I took the time to make myself a delicious and wholesome breakfast. And then I stood at the counter and gazed at the sky. I observed three squirrels who appeared highly engaged in a game of freeze tag. I saw blades of grass poking through a thinning white blanket. I watched tree branches bend and sway as the wind performed a series of pirouettes. It was simple beauty at its best.

I never turned on the television. Geez- I didn't even reach for the newspaper. I did some thinking. I did some thanking. I even did some wishing.

And, Little One never left my side. Like mother, like dogger.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


"Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly."
~Rose Franken

I had about 150 things, all of which were important, that I could have busied myself with tonight. But, do you think I did a one of them?

Nope. No. Not a chance.

What I did do included working out at the gym and making these delicious lollipops.

I'm trying to start some of my own traditions, and these Valentine's Day lollies have officially been added to the list.

Cinnamon and tutti frutti emerged as the flavors of the night.

I'm pretty much loving these lollies. They taste heavenly!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Total Nerd

"You can get all A's and still flunk life."
~Walker Percy

I've spent the entire day studying for my mid-term exam. As my reward, I'm about to take a small break to run a few errands and grab a coffee. I'm trying to reenact the old college days, which happened to be way more fun than the current grad school scene. Except rather than running errands, I would have treated myself to a shopping field-trip and dinner date with my roommate. Those were the days.

Today I wrote about 12 pages worth of abstracts and theories and philosophies. Now, I simply have to dedicate a few hours to really internalizing it all. Delightful.

I'm trying to keep my spirits and interest level up by using audaciously colored notebook paper and fancy pens. It's kinda working. If nothing else, at least my binder and notes look spiffy. wink.

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