Friday, September 25, 2009


"Come Roger and Nell,
Some Simpkin and Bell,
East lad with his lass hither come;
With singing and dancin,
And pleasure advancing,
To celebrate Harvest Home."
~An Old English Harvest Song

Off in the distance the sound of drums and trumpets sound. Tonight is Homecoming, a big event for such a small town.

...There's something about Homecoming and football games and marching bands that make me want to douse myself in Victoria's Secret Amber Romance perfume and slip on my old worn pair of Simple clogs....

It's also a big event for Munchkin Mania, who has been watching and barking at every teeny-bopper, clad in their football gear, who walked past the house. I know for a fact that she'd love to sneak down to the field. She mentioned something about working as a sanitation engineer, picking up trash and discarded food morsels. I must wonder if her intentions are pure.

It's been a productive week.

There was quite a bit to do, and thankfully, quite a bit got done.

Today, unlike most days, I came home from work and got down to business.

I'm proud to report that the sheets are currently spinning away in the washing machine, fresh towels hang in the bathrooms, the new mums just received a refreshing afternoon beverage, and I'm blogging away. I won't even go on about all the papers I've checked and the lesson plans I've so carefully written.

Thankfully, I even managed to make some significant progress on the blanket I'm knitting little Ava for her birthday.

But, most importantly, I managed to sneak in an hour (right before "Meet the Teacher" night..ahem) to plant my mums and decorate the outside of 403 for autumn.

Honestly, there's no need to hold your applause (grin).

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Maria said...

Such a productive little woman you are. enjoy your weekend. going to the game? we are staying home tonite.

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