Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shine Om

"Sometimes the universe smiles upon you."

I always enjoy the month of August, mostly because of the beautiful light.  As the sun rises in the morning, it brings with it a promising shimmer, full of golden sparkles and smatterings of optimism.  Conversely, evening creates an amber glow, allowing flowers to drift into sleep under a warm golden blanket, while being gently lulled by the serene songs of crickets and cooing doves.  It's truly one of my favorite experiences--the sunrises and sunsets of my dear August.

But this August, between those sunrises and sunsets, I made some new and wonderful friends- friends that will forever hold a most special place in my heart.

You see, this August I completed my yoga instructor certification, a certification that I owe to those dear friends.  

I've been beyond blessed to have found myself surrounded by such amazing individuals-- It has truly been my honor and privilege to learn with them.  They will forever be carried with me, as they were there for step one of my yoga journey.

Namaste, my yoga friends.

May bright, beautiful, and positive light always illuminate your paths.

1 comment:

Greta said...

Aren't you just full of surprises!?!?!?

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