Sunday, November 15, 2009


The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.
~Pierre Corneille

Somewhere along the way I've lost my appetite for big, fancy things. Give me a set of knitting needles, a good book, or just a few hours all to myself and I'm quite the happy girl. Show me a box of old photos or a scrap bag of yarn and I can occupy myself for days.

As I prepare for the upcoming Christmas festivities I can't help but to let my love of simple things take over my gift giving. If I could have it my way, gift giving would once again become meaningful. I'm really big on that-- meaningful gift giving.

I'm so deeply saddened by the pre-made gift baskets at department stores and the on-line ordering of goodies such as cookies and muffins. In my opinion, that just turns gift giving into a chore, something we quickly click on and order between phone calls and dinner preparations and car-pool drop-offs.

In some ways, I wish gift giving would return to the days of old-- back when people wished and hoped and waited for something special.

So, here at 403, we're going back to basics.

I've been busy making little treats for the people I most care about. Monetarily speaking, these presents aren't much. But, they're from the heart and crafted with an abundance of TLC.

I'm not quite finished, but I have an entire drawer full of goodies and treats and little odds and ends. All fingers are crossed that I finish in time...(grin).


Ashley Schott said...

I'm doing gift baskets too! I love getting homemade baskets with little fun things you know someone took time making just for you:) I figured in these economic times they would be the perfect thing for my husband and I to do for our family and friends. What all are you putting in your baskets?

Maria said...


I love your view of gift giving. You keep the meaning of Christmas giving, how it is meant to be: personable, loving and thoughtful. Just like the first Christmas gifts given by the Magi, the Wise Men.

You are a Wise Woman, indeed.

Karey said...

I love this post!
I definitely agree with you about gift giving! I've been brainstorming a long list of handmade gifts this year. I probably should have started earlier! Seeing your knitting makes me want to re-learn.... I knew once how to do the very basics, but I've since forgotten.

Greta said...

:( Considering I have a little over a month left I can guarantee you there will not be a home made gift sent to you.... but it will have some meaning to it. :) I do agree with your thoughts though. Meaning over bulk. I need a talent and right now it is not home made. Although I'm willing to learn if a certain Chatty Cathy will come my way and teach me.
Miss you friend!

Kim said...

Loved this post! I think we all need to rethink what the holidays have become and go back to a simpler time.

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