Friday, January 22, 2010

Found: Perry Bear

"The past is our definition."

During the middle of an exceptionally busy morning, the most strange memory crept into my mind. Funny, isn't it? When I'm completely engrossed in something of great importance, my mind flashes to a teddy bear from my past.

Many years ago, I had a little teddy bear and his name was Perry. Oddly, this tiny stuffed toy went everywhere with me. He lived in my backpack, hung out in my purse, sat on my nightstand or traveled in my coat pocket.

Perry was my friend.

Somehow, in between the hustle and bustle of being a college student and moving away from home, I lost track of Perry Bear.
Sad, huh? I wonder if his feelings were hurt?

I busied myself being grown-up and important and cool. (or so I thought...) But not Perry. He quietly sat, waited patiently and called a storage box home-- waiting, waiting, waiting for me to remember him.

And I did- just the other day. I pictured my old little friend and had a burning desire to find him and have him back in my life. After an e-mail to my mom and a desperate search of my childhood treasures, she found him- safely tucked away.

I'm quite certain that his new blue tea cup provides a lovely new home for him. Finally, we're together again.

Happily ever after.


Maria said...

See! It helps to NOT THROW THINGS OUT!!

Just kidding, so great that your mpm found him. He is adorable.

Ashley Schott said...

Awwww this is so sweet:) It's so fun finding treasures from way back when!

LEsherick2008 said...

When I was younger I had a stuffed dog named Bard he was a beagle and I took him everywere. One day we were In Greensburg and we had dinner at a Pizza Hut. you might know the one I think it is in a valley somewhere near the Older Mall that was there. Anyway we had dinner and then headed home. I did not realize it until we came home that my little Bard was gone and I had left him at this Pizza Hut. Never to see him again I thought. A few years ago I was at Goodwill I think in Greensburg and I found my Bard. Now it had the same L wrote on the tag as mine did. I do think I still have him in a closet at my dad's It was amazing I found him again.

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