Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Time, Please

"Each moment is a doorway to time travel. Being in this very moment and no other, time as we know it stops. You can Freeze-Frame and stop. Then you can make another choice. You can stay in the same holographic pattern or you can choose a different one."
~ Sara Paddison, The Hidden Power of the Heart

I somehow find myself worrying about time. Since my little-tyke days, I've consistently had this ongoing battle with the clock. And, unfortunately, it's getting worse.

I have so many things on my "to-accomplish" list that I honestly worry I'll never have time for them all.

Please, make no mistake, I'm not talking of laundry and chores and mundane tasks- I refuse to worry with those. Rather, I am speaking of meaningful days and authentic experiences.

Take a moment and think of all there is to learn, try, do, and see. I have quite the imagination and I don't like the idea that I only have 60-ish more years to experience life.

Sometimes I think about that and it makes me sad. Today is one of those days.

Oh please, don't get me wrong. I have a wonderful life and I want it to go on forever- just like it is now, but perhaps with a bit more freedom from the same old routine.

Change is good and I need to make things happen- CK style. (grin)


Maria said...

Just don't try to become a vampire, so you can live forever and never have to sleep. Though you would have time for everything.

Seriously though, I understand what you are talking about. I feel that way sometimes too. I have to remind myself to live in the moment, while still trying to plan for the future. Does that make sense?

Have a good week.

Greta said...

I think we all can relate Cathy Lynn. And I have less than 60 years probably. I sure do miss you and can't wait to share the sunshine this summer on your visit together. :) Love you!

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