Monday, March 7, 2011

Life Poetry

My Life Poem

I am from skeins of yarn mixed with magical books.
From clicking needles and tangled string,
From vanilla candles, scenting the warm comforting air,
And a tiny fur-friend whimpering and snoring in delightful sleep,
I am from home- calm and peaceful, filled with creativity and love.

I am from church bells ringing to signal the day’s end.
From manicured green lawns and perfectly potted plants,
From freshly brewed java dancing through the air and the sharing of hugs and hellos,
From chirping birds and welcoming touches,
The understanding and acceptance make me feel whole.

I am from rolling hills of farmland and lots of maple trees.
From snowy ski resorts and miles of peaceful bike trails,
From the Kooser State Park swimming hole and Laurel Highlands hiking paths,
From the home of Steelers football and the Flight 93 memorial,
The changing seasons and close-knit relationships are part of who I am.

I am from purple mountains and spacious skies,
From the wondrous Grand Canyon and twinkling sparklers on the 4th of July,
From ordinary people who rise above the occasion and courageous soldiers who diligently fight for freedom,
From a united nation that looks past differences and a land of opportunity,
The freedoms and acceptance allow me to live without fear.

I am from persistence and hard work; my exterior is tough.
From driven German merchants and polite Englishmen,
From perfectionist carpenters and detail oriented cemetery caretakers,
From resourceful women who created loving homes and farmers who were one with the land.
A pure waterfall is what I am.

I am from a vision of internal peace and personal contentment.
From healthy ways of living and taking personal responsibility,
From calm demeanors and understanding personalities,
From education emerging as a priority and a renewed work ethic,
I envision a world where all people strive for success.
** ** ** **
I recently wrote these poems with my 6th grade English classes. I'm pleased to report that the students worked very hard and published some amazing poems. I'm so proud of them. It was beyond rewarding to see them so engaged. Yay, lovelies!


Maria said...

WONDERFUL poem and a wonderful idea. You always come up with new ideas for engage the kids. SO COOL!

Mr. Deal and Mrs. Zorn were wondering why so many middle schoolers were dressed up. Basketball and your poem presentations. Very nice!

Greta said...

This made me miss you. I want to be in the poem with you. Great writing friend!

Lauren said...

Wonderful Poem I think it just speaks to me and people from this area. You should submit it to the local paper or for one of the area publications. It would be nice to open a page and see that poem.

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