Sunday, September 25, 2011

It started out as a Sunday Stroll...

"There are no ordinary moments. There is always something magical going on."
~ Peaceful Warrior

We started the day with a festive mug of pumpkin spice coffee, never intending to stroll through the yard. But as I watched Little One, looking intently through the glass, I found myself open to the idea of a free-range stroll through the lawn.

It started out innocently enough with me walking around the yard, enjoying the small greetings of autumn: golden and maroon leaves fluttering to the ground, crisp air, vibrant moss, and spider webs.

Charlie, on the other hand, enjoyed sniffing about and tracking the scents of invisible critters. She’s crafty, I tell you~ always finding a way to wonder about and get her little paws dirty.

She was hot on the trail of something highly interesting, when suddenly, she stopped. I followed her gaze only to spot the most adorable squirrel running, make that sprinting across the fence rail. Not only was he moving at mock speed, but in his mouth he carried a large breakfast treat.

It was obvious the squirrel had big plans~ plans that included feasting in peace and quiet, enjoying his decadent delight.

I’ve gotta hand it to the little guy. He ran and ran, pausing at just the right moments to case out his surroundings. Then, he was off again, his final destination remaining his ultimate goal.

He spotted the sappy pine tree, the one with the perfect branch and the scenic view. He climbed and climbed, one foot in front of another.

Finally, his persistence paid off. He sighed (I could hear it, honestly), settled in, licked his paws, and enjoyed his morning meal. CT and I simply stood there watching, shaking our heads in amazement.

What started out as a lazy Sunday stroll for Miss Chalie and I turned into a spur-of-the-moment squirrel watching adventure. Ya just never know what the day will hold.

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Greta said...

Glad you are back!!!!! xo

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