Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Had Me at Avocado

"Live simply. Expect Little.
Give Much.  Love Extravagantly."

Good evening, friends.  Are you comfy and cozy tonight?  Did you light your candles, take a warm shower and find your favorite blanket?

We did.  Charlie and I, that is.  Chad-o has ventured away on a business trip and us girls have prepared ourselves for the insane windstorm that's kicking up.  And- holy cow- let me say that it's intense out there. Trust me, I know.  The Neighborhood Watch just alerted our phone chain that a blonde woman was recently spotted "swimming" through the air, hair plastered to her face, clad in flannel pajama pants, a worn blue T-shirt and furry boots.  Apparently, she was trying to make off with a rather large trash can and a small, furry, black gremlin-looking creature.


Well, what can I say?  Chad-o was a sweetie and put out the trash before he took off.  I, naturally, undid all of his hard work and brought it back inside.  I had visions of our garbage decorating the lawns and shrubs of the entire neighborhood.  Better safe than sorry, right?

But, seriously, we have more important issues to discuss.  No more talk of wind and garbage.  So unladylike. Please forgive me.

With Chad-o gone, I'm completely bored.  He's an entertaining critter, and without him and his stories and our little games of trivia or kitchen karate, I'm lost.  It's just not fun.  Poor me.

On the flip side, there's nothing like the thought of food and a new, delicious recipe to cheer me up and take my mind off the loneliness.  

So, thanks to some quality time with the internet I spotted an avocado recipe that just sent my heart to high Heaven.  Avocado Chicken Salad, I love you.  I really, really do.  

Healthy Avocado Chicken Salad
approx. 2 cups of cooked and shredded chicken breast
lots of avocado
one cereal spoon of mayo
about 5 or 6 shakes of the salt shaker
as much or as little green onion as you like

Mix everything together and put on pita bread or serve with baked tortilla chips (or any other type of carbohydrate delight).

Last, after you have eaten way more that can be rationally justified, crawl under your blanket, adjust the pillow, settle in, try to ignore the howling wind and pray that the power doesn't go out.  I'm alone tonight and I'm afraid of the dark.

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Maria said...

That sounds delicious. Hopefully I will get my appetite back and make some!

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