Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Just Because

There are exactly as many special occasions in life as we choose to celebrate. 
 ~Robert Brault 

Because the sun was warm and beautiful and shinning, and because my "to-do" list lacked "to-dos" (huge lie), and because I had a small bag of potting soil, and-- oh yea-- because I had these tiny pots stashed in the top of my closet.... 

...I decided to plant.

And then, after filling three little pots with dirt and chamomile and sage and tomato seeds, I took a gander around the lawn, evaluating the state of blooming affairs.

 Much to my delight, the $0.50 peony bulbs I purchased last summer on clearance sale in a tattered, falling apart bag, have emerged, stretching towards the sky and, dare I say, even boasting one small magenta bud.

I never would have thought.

See the little cluster of yellowish ground cover? 
You do?


I just saved myself a good $20 at the greenhouse.
Why, you ask?  Well, wouldn't you know that this stuff goes for about $3.75 per four inch pot.  Insane.

Ever the frugal girl, you'll never believe what I did.  No, I didn't steal or pinch off a clipping.  Shame on you for thinking such a thing. (tisk-tisk and batting eyelashes) 

Rather, last fall as I emptied my pots and cleaned the patio for the long winter stretch, I pulled a clump of this Creeping Jenny out of a flowerpot and threw it to the ground.  Yep.  That's it.  I swear.

Now, I can spend those pennies on something more fun this year- perhaps some eggplant seeds? Or another  Stevia plant?

Time will tell.

Oh, the lavender survived!  It survived!  

Again, more garden amazement.  This little plant friend proves, yet again, that passed-over greenhouse garbage shouldn't be ignored.  

Last year, after paying less that $1 for this sweet herb, I planted it, watered it, and cared for it, all the while watching as nothing really happened.  Then, during my fall clean-up, I cut it back, saying a little wish for it and hoping that it would survive the winter.  

Would ya look at that new growth?  

 Miracle.  For sure.

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