Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

I love Sundays, especially the lazy, get-a-lot-of-nothing done kind. I'll admit it, I woke up to laundry and ironing, but made it better by treating myself to some quality time with HGTV. Who says I can't do two things at once?

OK, it's currently 5:30 and pitch black outside. I'm sitting under a blanket because I'm freezing, and I'm holding a cup of tea simply to help keep my hands warm. ...burr....

Currently the smell of "Home for the Holidays" is permeating the air. I have my tea, my blankie, and my munchkin (Charlie T.) curled up on my feet. Life's pretty good and I can't complain. Thank you November for providing me with this cozy atmosphere.

Aside from the festive scents wafting though the house, my amazing sister-in-law and I escaped for a few stolen hours to Starbucks. Having some girl time to chat and catch-up is beyond refreshing. The Christmas feeling continued to grow when we noticed that the over-priced coffee chain is now offering their holiday java selection. Both of us ordered a gingerbread latte, complete with a dallop of whip cream. mmmm....pure bliss.

I later stopped over at 862 to visit with my parents and deliver a late birthday gift to my dad. I may have frozen my toes off on the walk over, but it was worth it. My mom and I created a list of all the holiday goodies we plan on whipping up. I'm especially excited for the english muffin breads and flavored butters.

Last night Chad-o and I traveled to Greensburg to do some shopping and dine at The Olive Garden. I have to hand it to Westmorland Mall. All the trees were trimmed, Santa patiently listened while little ones told him of their wish lists, gift wrapping stations were strategically placed, and the elusive holiday sweater was for sale at every major department store.

I hate to wish life away, but I'm really excited for Christmas this year. Although, sometimes I think the planning, decorating, and gift buying is way more fun than the actual day. Hurry holidays, hurry!


Maria said...

You get me excited for the holidays just reading your blog. I love to visit Westmoreland Mall in December and enjoy the decorations, excitement and bigger book store!!

I agree, the "getting ready" is more than half the excitement!!

Maria said...

Cathy-Thanks for the kind words on my blog. Actually our kitchen is not cozy or warm. One big florescent light over head, limited counter space, white painted cabinets on cheap laminate counter top and pealing linoleum...but it's ours and we make the best of it.

I'll bring in some wedding soup!

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