Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Simple Things and Simple Pleasures

"Sometimes life's greatest joys come from simple moments."

I've been dying for some blog time, but in the rush of daily life I'm amazed at how precious my "free time" actually is. Between work, the gym, chores, dinner, and family time, it's practically impossible to plop down and get lost in my writing world. Thankfully, it appears I have a few minutes to spare.

Simple Thing #1- Don't you just love libraries? The smell of must, mildew, and old pages seem to transport me to an era that no longer exists. I take comfort in getting lost in the shelves and listening to the careful whispers and gently shuffling feet. In a world that has gone so techno, it's refreshing to find solace in a huge building full of stories.

Yesterday I felt compelled to visit the library, as I had finished my book (Look Me in the Eye by John Elder Robinson) the night before. If I go to Heaven, I hope it's like a library. And, maybe it could serve coffee and sweet treats, too. As I walked the aisles and glanced from shelf to shelf, it was next to impossible to make my selections. Like a kid in a toy store, I wanted them all. Of course there were a few authors and titles I checked on right away, but as usual, the books that turn out the best are the ones that seem to jump off the shelf. They catch the corner of my eye, capture my attention, and then before I know it, I'm adding it to my pile. When I choose my books I love to think about all the people who read them before me. I wonder what they are like. Do they read in bed? Was it a beach read? Did they drink tea and coffee while turning the pages? Maybe they read while taking a warm bubble bath? Either way, it's fun to think of the stories that a library book can tell. I always bring mine home, carefully determine which one I will read first, and then place the rest in a neat basket. They are safe there, and I'd like to think, comfortable, too. Ahh....the library...a true simple pleasure.

Simple Thing #2- My friend, and fellow teacher, greeted me yesterday morning with a beautiful mason jar full of homemade wedding soup. The simple gesture- sharing food with another- warmed not only my heart, but my tummy, too. In such a self-centered world, it's beyond moving when someone does something out of the goodness of their heart. I'm lucky Maria (and her children) are in my life.

Simple Thing #3- Greta, Greta, Greta! I wonder if there is any connection between Greta's name and how every time I type it, my computer reads "Great"? In true alliteration fashion, I pronounce her Great Greta. Although I have yet to respond to her e-mail, she appears to be a mind reader. As it turns out, I've been dying to try some new recipes. However, my dear Chad-o is allergic to chicken, turkey, eggs, and shellfish. You can imagine the dilemma this poses. Being the sweet, thinker-of-others that she is, she sent me her new favorite recipe with ideas on how to modify it for my hubband (the word husband just seems so old). I'm anxious to give it a try and see how it turns out. Thanks, Greta...for being you and for bein' so gosh-darn wonderful.

Simple Thing #4- Plants. I have this strange obsession with taking a cutting from a plant, rooting it, and starting a new plant family of my own. Recently, the parent of a student in my classroom was kind enough to have a given me a few of her houseplants. I was thrilled, because my classroom also doubles as a greenhouse :) One of the plants she brought me is called an Elephant Plant. I decided to take a few cuttings home today and attempted to root them. Perhaps in a couple of weeks, I can pot them and give them away as gifts. I would like to pass on the happiness.... (The photos on this post are of the Elephant Plant cuttings.) Mucahs Gracias, Mrs. Wilson.

Tonight I wish for you to find the simple things and the simple pleasures in your life. Be simple. Be happy.


Greta said...

I'm crying this morning. That was so sweet Cathy Lynn. Oh how I wish I were Great Greta these days. If you were next door to me, I would be just that. I miss you. Thanks for bringing a reminder of the simple things and making me feel special. Love you!

Maria said...

Cathy, I am crying too. You are so very sweet. I count you among my blessings too. I am glad you enjoyed the soup!

I don't know your friend Greta but if she knows you she must be wonderful and how cool to have a name that is a anagram for GREAT!

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