Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Weekend and Other Goodies

Time goes too quickly. Does anyone know a way to make it slow down? I'm sitting on my comfy couch, reflecting on a great weekend. It was extra-special for Chad-o and I, as we celebrated our one year engagement anniversary. Yes, I got the most "spook-tacular" treat last Halloween. Now I get to spend the rest of my life with the coolest, most fun guy ever. As a tribute to our big event, we purchased a new dining room table. We are now feasting in style.

As usual, the weekend was packed with activities. We celebrated my Dad's birthday with a dinner at 862 and time with the family. My brother came in from Pittsburgh and it was back to the usual Kaufman conversation as we found ourselves deep in the heat of political debate and discussion. I was also extra proud of myself-- I pulled off a butter pecan birthday cake for dear Ace. For those of you who know me well, this is a monumental event.

Saturday brought warm temperatures, unlike the blizzard we were treated to earlier in the week. I got the crazy and very unusual urge to bath and scrub Ruby the Cavalier. Honestly, I am embarrassed to say how filthy it was. Just to give you an idea, I was forced to resort to handy-dandy Q-Tips to scour out the grime. Thankfully, my car can proudly hold it's head high. It now sports a spic and span interior, a fresh wash job, and a new air freshener. I will admit, climbing into a clean car emerges as very undervalued treat.

Then, it was dinner and time at Seven Springs with old and new friends. Checking out all the Halloween costumes provided endless entertainment. However, I couldn't help but derive great pleasure in the Incredible Hulk who lurked in the corner.

Sunday, I had the simple pleasure of enjoying some lazy time. I finished the book "Gone With The Wind" and was amazed at the ending. To think that Rhett would have left Scarlett... I'm now looking forward to getting lost in a biography called "Look Me In The Eye". It's about a boy who grew up with Asperger's at a time when the diagnosis did not exist. I still want to read "The Shack," but am waiting until I can get it at the library.

Tonight I began soldering and constructing my stained glass lamp. I encourage everyone to find a creative outlet. Between stained glass and photography, I've had the most wonderful time. Here are a few snapshots of my project.
These are all the different pieces and a few of the tools.

This photo looks down in to the inside of the lampshade. The tape is holding the pieces together during the soldering process.

I'm not completely finished with the soldering, but this photo shows the outside view of the lampshade. When I am finished, there will be other pieces soldered to the top, finishing it off and providing some added flair.


Greta said...

WOW Cathy Lynn! I am so impressed with the talent coming out of you. The cake was beautiful and the lamp looks like a work of art. I do need to get creative. When you get a chance, feel free to come clean my car (van). Did you dress up for Halloween? Miss you

Maria said...

I shouldn't be surprised by your talent,especially when I see how beautiful your classroom is decorated. (love those flower pots!)

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