Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy, Happy and a Good Read

"Star light, star bright, wish upon a star tonight.Add Image
Let it snow and snow all night,
so school's let out by morning light."

I just took my sweats out of the dryer. Mind you, they were already plenty dry and neatly folded away in my closet. However, it's a tad freezing and I needed some extra warmth. Ten minutes on the fluff cycle was like slipping away in a hot bubble-bath.
happy sigh.

While I listen to the wind whip and whirl outside, Charlie snuggles close to her pillow and gently chews on her little paw. Perhaps she's cold, too.

But, even though it's cold-- make that freezing-- you won't hear me complaining. I love nothing more. This cold, severe winter weather puts the sprinkles on my cookies. It makes me wish that I lived in a snug log cabin with a huge stone fireplace and a generous hearth. Worn braided rugs, a dutch oven full of potatoes and veggies roasting over a wood stove, sheepskin slippers, and rugged flannel shirts. Yes, that's what I dream of this evening.

I've always been one to connect with what I read, and lately I've been absorbed in a book called "The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love" by Kristin Kimball. And as I read this memoir about a thirtysomething, Harvard graduate who falls in love with a farmer, I find myself drawn into their life. I feel their struggles. I smell the potatoes, freshly pulled from the ground. I hear the floorboards creek and groan, as they rise at 4:00 a.m. to tend to the milking duties. I shirk in pain as they take frigid showers because they don't have hot water.

But, most of all, I marvel at Kristin and Mark. I admire their dedication, teamwork, and shared vision-- to grow everything needed to feed an entire community. Two people, from two completely opposite backgrounds, who come together to nourish and feed and provide.

mmmmm....I can practically hear the crackle of my imaginary fire, and I can almost reach out and stir my invisible vegetable stew. But, it's only a dream, a little vision and hope that I've tucked away for my someday.

For now, I'll celebrate the fact that school let out early. I love early out days. It's like a bonus point in the test of life. Dare I wish for a snow day tomorrow?

(Yes! Yes! Yes! Come on wind...kick it up a notch. Come on cold temperatures. Start dropping already.)

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Maria said...

You make me feel so warm and cozy. Instead of imaginary veggie soup, I am going to make some real stuff today! Hope you are enjoying a new book to snuggle up with.

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