Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Puppy, Reporting for Duty

Ruff Ruff, Friends,

Today Mama had the day off. Well, not really, but her phone rang this morning-- twice...awakening me from my sweet slumber. And, judging from her yippie skippie response to the phone messages and the way she pulled the blankets closer, rolled over, and drifted off to snooze-land, I can only imagine that it was a surprise cancellation of that work thing she does everyday. Poor woman.

Thankfully, we cuddled and snuggled and dozed and watched television together for an hour or so. Having Mama to myself in the morning, well....just doggone wonderful. A treat! A little slice of puppy heaven! She made java and allowed me some of her delicious granola for breakfast. Lucky me. (tail wag)

Then, I heard her on the phone talking to Grammie. I was pretty sure they were planning something, but I hated to get all excited for nothing. The next thing I knew Mama was throwing a bunch of yarn into a bag, smashing her feet into boots, and putting my little coat on me. "Grammie's house?" I secretly hoped. "

Well, that snow is no joke for a petite little canine such as myself. I mean, it's one thing to scoot outside and potty, but it's another to tackle an unshoveled driveway and a poorly plowed street. But, like Mama, I enjoy a challenge. So off we went-- me carving my own perfect path-- and Mama following my trusty lead.

We made it, though, don't you worry. I kindly led the way, carving Mama her own little trail, just the right size for her feet. She appreciated it. That, I know, for sure.

I love lending a paw-- well make that four paws. Mama is such a rockstar that it makes me ruffy happy when I can help her out.

So, dear friends, finally, after much trudging and trail-blazing and snow eating, I spotted Grammie's house! I really love going there, even though I have to share the spotlight with that Millie dog.

I'm really hoping that the phone rings early tomorrow morning, too. My day with Mama was tops!

1 comment:

Greta said...

Charlie T. give your mom a big paw hug from me. I miss her desperately.
Enjoy the snow!

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