Monday, April 11, 2011

And the Wheels, They are a Turnin'

"The mountains that make up the Laurel Highlands are home to some of the most pristine hiking and biking trails in all of Pennsylvania."

Yesterday marked the first of many bike rides. It was practically a kick-off to summer.

Grin. Double Grin.

Being on the trail, with my favorite people, on our nifty two-wheeled crafts was simply wonderful. I can't wait for school to let out and to spend my every day on that old railroad path.

It's my new hangout.

Plus, it's quite possible that our little group located the best hummus and sweet potater fries on God's Green Earth.

Nature. Flowers. Wild Chives. Bikes. Breezes.

Conversation. Laughs. Memories

Potted Plants. Puppy Shakers. Delish Food.

Oh those wheels, they are a turnin'.


Donald said...

You make Rails to Trails sound like heaven! The beauty of new
life emerging from winter to spring is a very special gift. How wonderful and exciting to be able to take in the splendor of it all. My favorite people also enjoy the simple pleasure of a trail ride and sharing that ride with the people that you would have least wonderful, so simple and so memorable. "The little things!" Be on the look out for Ike and Bell and Gert the second as they will put on many miles this summer!

Maria said...

You do make a bike ride sound like heaven. I hope you enjoy today and this week is only 4 days!! I want to pick out some seeds and plant some herbs. Wish it were not so cold today. Have a good week!

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