Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pride and Relief

"Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get."
~Dale Carnegie

I've learned that planting bulbs requires extreme patience. Last year, as I planted each tiny bulb with the utmost of care, it hit me that I'd have to wait until Spring to see if I actually completed the task correctly. I'm not always the best with the whole delayed gratification thing, but on this, I had no choice.

I was sure that I had sprinkled just the right amount of bone meal and that I had positioned all the bulbs in the proper way, fat end up.

But, as spring tip-toed into my neighborhood and the days got a bit longer, I noticed that other lawns were dotted with yellow daffodils and that tiny green sprouts were emerging from my neighbors' flowerbeds.

But as much as I scoured the spots of the plantings, my investigations yielded nothing. Zero. Not even one tiny sprout.

Grr. I tossed around feelings of disappointment and failure, wondering how in the world I possibly managed to mess up planting dozens of bulbs. I figured that even if I somehow planted them incorrectly, wrong side up, that somewhere along the line I would have messed-up my messing-up and ended up with a winner.

Then, one day~one happy, happy, day~my eyes landed on a speck of green poking through the ground. Hallelujah!

But, weeks later, although a bit taller, that little green speck was still the only one.

Really? Seriously? For real? I thought. And as quick as they came, those feelings of success were replaced by my feeling as if I need some type of gardening counseling or tutoring.

Shame, oh the shame.

Apparently, good things take time. One morning, as I looked out the window, my eyes were treated to dozens of little shoots, poking through the crunchy dirt. Within days, they were reaching to the sun. And a few days after that, little buds were trying to push open and sing towards Mr. Golden.

Pride and relief washed over me. Whew. That was a close one. I'm happy to report that the lawn looks lovely with its newest additions, and I'm thrilled that I didn't bomb my first try at bulb planting.

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Maria said...

Yah! for you Cathy!! Maybe you planted them extra deep? I planted bulbs at my first apt and the squirrels dug them all up. I especially wanted Tiger Lilies because my grandmother had them in her flower garden, but the squirrels found those extra tasty. I'll have to get some for this fall, especially as Jack is planting a prayer garden at our church for his Eagle Project. Bulbs and mums and flowering bushes...should be pretty cool.

Happy Easter!

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