Friday, June 15, 2012


"You realize your true identity as consciousness itself, rather than what consciousness has identified with.  That's the peace of God.  The ultimate truth of who you are is not I am this or I am that, but I Am."
~Eckhart Tolle

For years I've read about and heard of the benefits of meditation.  Without a doubt, the positives of such a personal awareness practice speak for themselves- reduction in anxiety levels, relaxation of the nervous system, enhancement of the immune system, increase of problem solving skills, and the ability to develop tolerance and perspective.  But try as I might, I couldn't get past the vision of an elderly, bearded man, sitting cross-legged on the edge of a mountain. 

Truthfully, the notion appeared so incredibly simple that I convinced myself I was somehow missing a key element.  I truly believed the notion of sitting and "being" while focusing on my breath or a mantra seemed, quite frankly, too easy.

However, recently my husband and I have noticed ourselves surrounded by people who give off negative energy, who continually play the "keep up with the Jones-es game", and who, sadly, go out of their way to create rift and strife.  

We have great talks, that Chad-o and I.  We sincerely attempt to keep life goals and priorities in perspective.  We strive to have balance and peace and responsibility and thankfulness, all-the-while continually focusing on the development of ourselves through education and fitness and positive life choices.

Well, a few weeks ago, I decided that I really wanted to concentrate on  recognizing the wonderful blessings in my life.  I had found myself weary of of peoples' long lists of wants, the "bigger is better" attitudes, and the hectic, fast-paced, often-times meaningless life swirling through today's society.  And, without warning, the meditation word gracefully entered my foremost thoughts.

Like any lover of psychology, I unearthed a few favorite books I had previously read, and re-read my margin notes and highlights.  Specifically, works by Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama have particularly inspired me.  

While reading and researching, I came to the conclusion that meditation certainly deserved a chance.  I furthered my investigation, read  a few more articles, and committed myself to approaching the practice with an open heart and an affirming attitude.

I'm here to tell you that my meditation practice has earned a spot as one of my most favorite parts of the day.  As a matter of fact, I enjoy it so much that starting next week I'll embark on a four week meditation study to further develop my understanding and practice.  

Perhaps you could also benefit from the numerous positives associated with disciplined meditation.  It's ever so spiritual and healing and peaceful and life-changing.


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