Wednesday, January 21, 2009


"If you've never stared off in the distance, then your life is a shame."
~"Mrs. Potter's Lullaby- performed by Counting Crows

Today, I had a vision. I wish I could have stopped the moment that it struck. I would have jumped in my ramshackle car and hit the dusty to the nearest thrift shop. I'm on a quest here...there are a couple things I just must have.

I was actually in the middle of checking a pile of reading tests when the image emerged in my mind. Talk about taking me off guard. I started by picturing my desk at home. It's a bit organized. OK, it actually needs a little more than your standard dose of TLC.

I pictured talking it apart- removing the attached book shelf, purchasing a new lamp and finding a huge antique picture frame. I won't use the glass, the frame will become the boarder for my daydream board, holding random photos, snippets from magazines, and prized quotes and poems.

I want to hit up the antique shops and find some vintage glasses and little bowls. These I shall fill with my essentials: pens, Sharpies, highlighters, and Crayola colored pencils. I'll also need something to contain my very important colored paperclip collection.

Then there is the issue of the bed that currently takes up most of the space in my "office". It needs a new home. If you'd like it, just let me know. It's yours if you come take it away. I plan to replace it with a quaint little trundle daybed. This was guests can still crash, but I'll have more room to move about.

For whatever reason I have it in my mind that I must have a dress form. Don't ask me why, but the image just lingers there, in the corner of my vision, adding an extremely feminine flair to the whole scene. I looked up a couple on E-bay, and also spotted some cute ones on different web-sites. I'll have to see how my budget looks, but it just seems so necessary.

Oh, I have so many ideas and I don't feel that I did my vision any justice. I can only hope to pull off this new project and that it turns out half as pretty as I've pictured.


Greta said...

What's a dress form? When you find the time to get that all done, send me a picture. Then come to NC and do something with my space. :) Miss yoU!

Maria said...

That sounds so cool! I would love to see too when you are done.

I finished Eclipse last night. I don't especially like how it ended. I wanted to see someone die...How morbid am I. I guess it goes with watching 24. The suspenseful parts of the book are good.

Talk to you later!

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