Friday, January 16, 2009

An Ode to Handkerchiefs

"He had no little handkerchief to wipe his little nose."
~ Rev. R.H. Barham

I got to the gym early this morning. In keeping with the chilly tradition of the last few weeks, school was canceled. I looked forward to my workout more than usual today, because I had a brand-new magazine was dying for some reading time. How wonderful is it when you can work out and read at the same time?

As I was sweating it out on the elliptical (a great workout apparatus that is reading friendly) I dove into the most recent installment of Martha Stewart's new publication, Body + Soul. Interestingly enough, I came across a small blurb about handkerchiefs.

"How crazy is that?" I thought to myself.

Go ahead, admit it. You consider the "hankie" to be antique. I'm guilty, too, if it makes you feel any better.

The little article went on to discuss the ramifications of using disposable tissues. Apparently the paper industry, in its quest to obtain the virgin pulp necessary for tissue production, destroys hundreds of acres of ecologically diverse forest. Sad, right?

Well, as luck would have it, being on the nostalgic side paid off. I quickly jetted home and looked in one of my treasure stashing hot spots and located three vintage handkerchiefs that I used as a kid. Actually, they were from my mom's childhood (a hand-me-down), making them all the more special.

In between the sniffles and sneezes and raspy coughs, I can still hear my mom telling me to use my hankie. "It will keep your nose from getting red," she would say. awwee...memory lane.

I know my dad was always a fan of the handkerchief, as I can still see my mom ironing them and stacking them neatly in his top dresser drawer.

So, yay for my family. I guess we were being environmentally friendly without even knowing it.

If you get the sniffles this winter, perhaps you should invest in a neat pack of pretty little handkerchiefs. Not only will you be saving the planet, but your nose will thank you, too.

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Maria said...


How are you so disciplined. Working out and leaving your cozy home in this bitter cold. We are staying home, even missing the ice festival today!!!

My dad uses handkerchiefs too! I never thought of it as a good way to help the environment. Good thought!

Oh- I am half way through book 3 of the Twilight series. I enjoy the suspense!

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