Sunday, January 4, 2009

Farewell Holiday Break

"A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in."
~Robert Orben

Tomorrow morning at aprox. 5:45 am, the alarm clock will sing, make that scream, a wake-up buzz in my ear. As usual, I'll hit snooze for about half and hour, and eventually rise from my sweet slumber around 6:20. I'll stumble to the shower, let Charlie outside in the cold, dark morning, and fumble through my closet while playing fashion show. No more lazy days for this girl.

What a fantastic two weeks it has been. I've enjoyed every second of my time off, and for the first time in quite awhile, I truly relaxed. My mind was peaceful, and my to-do list was rather short.

In preparation to say goodbye to my lovely vacation, I decided to make a list of what made it so wonderful. I'm sure I'll look over it with misty eyes. Don't go away vacation.

  • a plethora of vanilla candles- it smells like a bakery inside the walls of 403, and the gentle flickering flames look so pretty
  • cozy blankets and cuddle sessions on the couch
  • plenty and plenty of warm beverages...tea, coffee, hot cocoa
  • Charlie T. time
  • peace and quiet
  • afternoon naps
  • picture taking and photography practice
  • no bedtimes, late nights, late mornings
  • not having a schedule
  • time with my mama and a fun shopping adventure
  • more reading time than I could have wished for
  • dinners at 862 complete with warm fires
  • the return of Vixen nail old time favorite that really needed to make a reappearance
  • Teavana tea, my new perfect tea maker, and an adorable, mint green cast iron tea pot
  • sweats and hoodies and new house booties
  • evening outings
  • not thinking about lesson plans, grading papers, and PSSA scores
  • being around people that I like
  • laughing
  • New Year's Eve at the Tin Angel
  • wearing jeans
  • delicious food
  • random blog reading
  • a real tea party

I'll miss you vacation. Thanks for being so dreamy...


Donald said...

Your discription of the ultimate vacation has left me misty eyed. I'm so happy that your much deserved days off were a pure delight. Love You Dearly, Mom

Maria said...


What a great list, I did a lot of those things too and it was great! I LOVE your photos, they are quite beautiful.

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