Tuesday, July 28, 2009

An Interesting Catch

"Suspicion amongst thoughts
are like bats amongst birds,
they never fly by twilight."
~Francis Bacon

Lately, the topic of bats has emerged as a common topic of conversation amongst my close friends and family. Apparently these creatures of the night have decided to take up residence in the personal dwellings of quite a few unwelcoming human beings.

Of course, many of these humans own extremely appealing homes, complete with the finest of curb appeal that most likely allures and taunts these "spooky" and curious creatures. Go ahead, admit it, there are a few houses that you'd love to see the inside of, too. Right?

For starters, I'm afraid of the dark and horrible at manuvering without a major light source. God certainly got it right when he didn't make me a bat. Although, had I been cast as one, I'm quite certain I would have enjoyed few nights investigating and poking around in spiffy homes.

Sadly enough, most of these wandering bats ended their stay by dancing a few rounds with a fast moving tennis racket. (sigh)

However, the story I shall tell you today contains a different note of sadness, but ends happily.

Imagine standing along the bank of the Youghiogheny River, tossing crackers and bread and left-over french fries to a flock of eager ducklings, only to be interrupted from your naturalistic philanthropy by a surprised shriek.

"There's a bat swimming in the water!"

The famished ducklings found themselves feasting on an entire stash of goodies, while the rest of us dashed to investigate the odd claim.

Sure enough, there it went... a tiny little bat, not really swimming, rather pulled by the swiftly moving current. Sad, kinda... I felt bad for the poor guy.

Chad-o saved the day (and the bat)! I knew all along the guy should have been a lifeguard, charged with the responsibility of patrolling our shores and bodies of water. Obviously he missed his calling.

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Maria said...

EWWWWW!!! Did you see it fly away? It must have gotten caught during a rainstorm or something.

Hey, have you read Julie and Julia. I think you would like it.

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