Monday, July 27, 2009


"Are we not like two volumes of one book?"
~Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

365 days= one year= two happy people= a very lovely little family.

Always one to enjoy trips down memory lane, Chad-o surprised me with an anniversary weekend getaway to a very special place.

Many moons ago, when we simply enjoyed the company of one another and coveted weekend visits (as we resided in different states), I was treated with a surprise jaunt to a cozy little bed and breakfast and dinner at Nemacolin Woodlands. He's always been so warm and sweet like that- little surprises and thoughtful touches.

A few years later, when wedding bells began ringing and singing, we knew exactly where we wanted to hold our ceremony. We pictured something unique, simple, personal, intimate, and classy.
So, we decided to choose a meaningful location and do it up CK and Chad-o style.

Therefore, over the weekend, we returned to the place where we exchanged marriage vows, and became husband and wife.

Oh yes, and as a interesting aside, our wedding made the Nemacolin brochure. You can see it by clicking here.
We also spent one night of our anniversary weekend at Stone House, an ancient and historic building on route 40. The original structure was built in 1822 and, for the most part, remains amazingly authentic.

Lucky us, we got to sleep in the Jackson room, on the top floor. I claim it was haunted, but dear Chad-o will argue otherwise. Either way, it proved an exciting adventure. I'd go back in a heart-beat. However, next time, I'm taking my Ouija Board.

I simply fell in love with this little alcove that was tucked away in the dormer of our room. Can't you just imagine that being your secret hiding place?

Humm...I wonder who all looked out of this window and what exactly they saw?

What a wonderful year number one.


Maria said...

The room was gorgeous, so beautiful! Which was your wedding? They all looked so stunning.

So glad you had a wonderful time.

Karey said...

Happy Anniversary! I love love love Nemacolin Woodlands! So beautiful!

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