Friday, August 7, 2009

Guest Writer: Charlie T.

"A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life."
Bob Barker

Hey there. I'm Charlie T. You've probably heard of me.

Mama C. would most likely drop to the floor if she knew I was telling you this, but right now, she's in the kitchen making a smores in the microwave. She does silly things like that. But, shhh... we'll keep that between us, won't we?

Since she's not paying the least bit of attention to me, her darling four-pawed dogger, and because I know she won't share her chocolaty goodness (some lame excuse about it not being good for me), I decided to check out this whole blogging scene. I always hear her talk about it, and I'm pretty sure a few of my portraits have popped up here and there.

So, for those of you with inquiring minds, here's the run down of my day. This morning, I enjoyed a very pleasant, leash-free jaunt around the lawn. Oh the freedom! To feel the wind in my fur and the sun on my back.

While out investigating and following the numerous trails of chippies, squirrels, and bunny rabbits, I came across this sweet little daisy. Mama just adores daisies, so I had to stop and marvel.

Honestly, even though I am denied palatable wonders, such as chocolate and smores, I live a grand ol' life at 403. I have a kind mama and a fun papa and they love me very much. I don't get sweet treats, but they don't get Milk Bones. I guess we'll call it even.

Anyway, I wish you could have seen me sneaking into the junk drawer, properly using the big people scissors (having an opposable thumb would have been ultra helpful), and putting together this pretty bouquet.

I hope Mama likes it. I hope it makes her smile.

Oh geez- here she comes, and, ruff ruff, she has some marshmallow stuck on her cheek!

Alrighty-nice chattin' with ya. I just spotted a sunbeam and it's about time for my afternoon napper.


Maria said...

Cute, very cute.

Greta said...

Charlie T you are going to get in trouble! Better be glad you have flowers to give her when she sees this blog. :) Love it!

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