Thursday, August 20, 2009

Knit 1, Pearl 3, Repeat

"I like taking a piece of string and making it into something amazing."

Wanted: A sweet fairy who can quickly dust, sweep, wash dishes and iron. If you, my winged and magical creature, can grocery shop, an added bonus shall be dolled out.

Why: Because I'm busy being crafty.

Knitting still has my heart. I'm so hooked. Can I please sit and knit all day?


Maria said...

Is that a cotton yarn? It looks very pretty and I love your veggies? Are you going to make salsa?

Kate and I bought a lot of fun veggies and herbs today. She wants to make Homemade salsa.

She may want to start growing herbs, but I want it to be her idea. She really has a cooking, creative bug going here.

Will post some pics at by the end of the week.

Greta said...

I've missed you... how was Vegas? Has school started for you yet?

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