Sunday, July 4, 2010

Colorful Weekend Happiness

"May your walls know joy; May every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility."
~Maryanne Radmacher-Hershey

I hope your weekend brought happiness and sunshine and all the things that provide contentment to your spirit. My weekend? Fabulous. It was the absolute best.

I enjoyed numerous bike trips to and from a quaint little town that may just become my new summer retreat. Biking is quickly becoming my new favorite form of physical activity. Between the beautiful scenery and the quality workout, I'm finding myself very fulfilled. Plus, I get to spend tons of time laughing, racing, and joking around with my favorite people.

Blue skies abound!

I fell in love with this most interesting modification to a typical school bus. Genius. I propose we do this to the local buses. I guarantee more children would attend school.

Orange cone flowers- one of my new favorites.

The Firefly Grill had an amazing hummus plate. I could have had seconds, thirds and fourths.

Eating under these umbrellas provided the refreshing, shady break we needed after an intense biking adventure.

And, I filled up Gertie's basket with locally grown fruits, peach-rhubarb jelly and jalapeno mustard. Um, Yum.

I'm also proud to report that I polished off one of these pints of blueberries all by myself. It took me a grand total of 0.35642 minutes. My mouth is permanently stained. toothy blue grin.

I did spot an entire shelf of homemade puppy treats for Charlie, but due to the inflated price I resisted. Instead I gave her an extra-large portion of Cheerios when I returned home. She loved me.

How neat are these river ships? I'll be traversing the Yough in one soon. Promise.

Great Weekend...
...Good Times
Pretty Places...
...Delicious Food
Wonderful People...
...Fields of Fireflies


Greta said...

Wish I was on a bike beside you friend. Miss you.

Maria said...

Beautiful pictures as always Cathy. Is this in Confluence? or Ohiopyle? just wondering.

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