Wednesday, July 28, 2010


"How gentle is the rain
That falls softly on the meadow,
Birds high up the trees
Serenade the clouds with their melodies

Oh, see there beyond the hill,
The bright colors of the rainbow.
Some magic from above
Made this day for us just to fall in love."
~ A Lover's Concerto by The Supremes

Two years ago, on July 26th, I walked down the isle to the above song as Jason Kendall strummed and gently sang with an acoustic guitar. To say the day was magical and special and full of love would serve as a serious understatement. The day was better than anything I ever imagined and probably the only day in my entire life where I really felt pretty. I loved that day.

From the start, we knew that our wedding would reflect us, and in typical C & C fashion, we planned our day. It was very non-traditional and that's how we wanted it.

Allow me to give you a few of the details. We invited 30 people and 28 attended. That was it. Neither of us was interested in putting on a show and participating in the typical chaos and cookie cutter wedding scene.

I didn't wear a veil-- it seemed rather "Halloween Costume-ish" to me.
He didn't wear a tux. Please. Chad-o chose khaki colored linen pants and an ultra sophisticated mint green button down.
Three tiered wedding cake filled with chocolate gnash and raspberry preserves? Um, no thanks. Individual strawberry shortcakes? Yes please.

And, if you're wondering if we had all that crazy dancing or did the Hokey Pokey, we didn't. Rather we had a calm served dinner with an open bar.

Oh yes, and at breakfast, on the morning of our wedding, as we sat in an ultra posh restaurant, Chad-0 dared me to stuff a blueberry up my nose. And, you know what? I did.

So this year, as we celebrated our second anniversary, we dined at our new umbrella table and enjoyed some scrumptious strawberry shortcake. Oh my, it was beyond delicious~ a palatable wonder, for sure.

And, as the sun went down and evening set upon us, we lit some candles and talked and reminisced and laughed and played with our puppy.

The hood is home and Gumdrop World does exist. I get to spend forever with my person and that just puts the whip cream on my shortcake.

Xo, Ninja. Thanks for being you. Thanks for being mine. Thank you for us.


Kim said...

Cathy, congrats on year #2! What a beautiful post. Oh, and a perfect song.

Greta said...

Wow 2 years... Glad the C's met and made it a happily ever after. Love you both!

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