Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Time

To being with, thank you. Thank you for two years of reading my ramblings, following my adventures, and spending a little bit of your precious time with me. I truly appreciate your kindness and sweet comments and the lovely feedback I've received from many thoughtful individuals.

But, the world is an interesting place, isn't it? It's full of wonderfullness and goodness and people with gracious hearts. I love all of you. Really. I do.

However something has been on my mind recently and I figured I should probably fill you in.

Here it goes:

I kinda like my space and I sincerely enjoying spending time alone. On the other hand, I do enjoy a good shin-dig and I love nothing more than talking and sharing stories and chatting it up with random strangers.

I'm a private person. I'm a people person.

Simply put, I'm a person of contradiction.

But something I keep thinking about is this here little blog. I continually think more and more about the stuff I post on here and how I have no control over who could be reading my thoughts and looking at my pictures and having a glimpse into my rather safe and charming little life. To be honest, it freaks me out-- like heebie geebies.

That being said, the time has come for me to make this little on-line journal a place for me-- a place for my friends and family-- a place for those who knock before entering, if you will.

If you would like to keep up with the adventures of moi, I'd love to have you (even if I don't know you). Weird, right? You see, I'm more than fine with letting strangers read, it's just that I want to be in control of who's stopping by And So It Goes. I do like control. I like to be in charge. It's a bit of a character flaw. ha.

Just leave a comment with your e-mail address. Other than that, you can pour yourself a cup of tea, enjoy the sunshine, and lounge around until Friday when the privacy factor will go into effect.

Thanks for understanding. Much Love.


Alicia said...


Karey said...

Definitely send me an invite!

Karey said...

Duh - forgot my email address! kareycrain @ gmail . com

Maria said...


What would I do without your weekly words of wisdom, your great quotes and beautiful photos.

Send me an invite at
tut2kids@gmail.com and/or

I know what you mean about the privacy issue. I did the same at one point and so my brother still is.

Kim said...

Would love an invite...please...


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