Thursday, September 16, 2010

Change of Plans

"Think of entrainment as being "in sync." When your head and heart, thoughts and feelings, are working harmoniously together, you have more clarity and inner balance–and you feel better."

In so many ways this has been a most wonderful week. On the other hand, it's been quite difficult. I've had a few decent cries on the way to work, and perhaps a sniffle or two on the way home. I won't dwell on that now, though. You're not here to read of my sadness, and at the moment, I'm not quite ready to share it. So there. We're even.

But, in an attempt to treat myself for getting through a most emotional week, I decided I'd ride to a favorite little knitting store of mine and attend "Knit Night." All week I looked forward to this evening. Just thinking about it made me calm and helped me focus and look ahead.

Today was to be the day. Today was to be my little reward, my treat.

Guess what didn't happen? Take a wild swing at the event that got canceled.

Knit Night.

Bummed. Disappointed. Angry. Those words accurately summarize the emotions I experienced. But, like any true champion, I pressed on. I made myself don the smile and the half-hearted "no problem" attitude and I went about my night.

Starbucks and candy corn twinkle lights and time with CT and the finishing of a knitting project occupied my evening. It wasn't quite the night of learning a new knitting technique that I had previously envisioned, but it worked. I didn't get to surround myself with nice people who shared a common interest. Heck, I didn't even talk to a soul.

But, I made it to Thursday night. And, amazingly enough, I found my peace- for now, anyway.

1 comment:

Maria said...

Love Charlie T. with the Candy Corn lights!

Also, you have updated your blog 4x while I only updated mine once. I gotta get writing!

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