Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pink Cake Day

"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional."
~Chili Davis

I know what you're thinking.

You're counting the candles on my pretty cake and finding yourself highly impressed by the writing skills and vivid vocabulary of a seven year old.

I'm all about playing make-believe, so seven years old it is.

On September 7th I aged another year, added another tally mark, and became more valuable in the world of antiques. Yet however old I seem to get, my mama always makes me a pretty pink cake. Every year I look forward to that. So simple and delicious.

This year my birthday brought an abundance of happiness. I was treated to a bike ride, yummy food at my favorite restaurant, time with my family, fun gifts, morning coffee by my best pal, chocolate chip cookies from the music teacher, singing by the kids, cards in the mail, and lots of love.

And inside these brown paper packages, which happen to be my very favorite type of wrapping, a Nook was hiding. Yes, a Nook. My very own electronic book. Every nerds' dream come true.

Many thanks to all of you who made me feel so very cared for and loved on my special day. I'm truly blessed, in many, many ways.

1 comment:

Maria said...

Happy Birthday friend. Love the pink cake from your mama.

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