Sunday, October 2, 2011


"He who takes medicine and neglects to care for his diet wastes the skill of his doctors."
~ Chinese Proverb

I recently read an interesting article on the topic of childhood obesity.  To be honest, it proved way more disturbing than inspiring.  I'm a foodie, for sure.  I love a good meal and I get excited about eating specific foods.  And, sometimes, if I am being completely honest with myself, the promise of a delicious treat is all that gets me through a miserable situation or the drudgery of a long day.

But, back to the article.  Did you know that we live in the (supposedly) wealthiest nation, yet we have the highest rates of obesity (both childhood and adult)?  Interesting, huh?

Also, this is the first generation of children with a lower life expectancy than that of their parents.  Wow.  Disturbing, right?

How did this happen?  When did our society begin eating, as I call them, "fake foods"?  You know them, the artificial sweeteners (aka chemicals) rather than real sugar.  What??  Are you kidding me??  Is it really worth the 15 calories to cut the natural stuff and supplement with the cancer causing, molecular genetic altering agents?  Apparently so.  

Somehow it also became completely legit to fill our foods with preservatives, as to ensure they last for years and years.  Take Lunchables, for instance.  Does it seem reasonable to give a developing child a chemically laced meat product, packed with calories, high-fructose corn syrup, and an "artificially sweetened" juice pouch?  Again, the answer is yes.  For $3.49 one's child can indulge in an edible chemistry set.  Woo-hoo!  May I suggest some whole-grain crackers or bread, a few pieces of roasted chicken or turkey, a cube or two of real cheese, and a cup of water?  Cheaper and real- but pish-posh.  It's all about convenience, right?  

Protein bars.  Vitamin Water.  Fiber enriched fruit snacks.  Yea, real natural- note the sarcasm.  

I don't want to give you the wrong idea.  I'm certainly not the perfect person, and my diet is far from organic.  But I do try.  I make a sincere and honest effort to eat natural, chemical-free, and real foods.  

I just finished making Tabouli- my lunch for the week.  It's not fat-free, but it is free of chemicals and preservatives.  It's not packed with flavor enhancers or artificial sweeteners.  But it is full of flavor, lemon juice, Bulgar wheat, olive oil, cucumbers, tomatoes, and parsley.  And, I love it.


Greta said...

This makes me sad because I'm almost positive I'm killing my kids with food. I am not in the worst category but I claim ignorance because I am exhausted and definitely choose what is easier than what is healthier sometimes. And my kids aren't picky.

Please send menu for the week. I can then attempt to try if I don't have to figure out the planning and research. :)xo

Maria said...

I have to say....I cook healthy for my kids. They make good food!?!??! I let stress get to me and I eat healthy, then garbage....ugh. At least I can say, I pack my kids a healthy lunch each day and I have not had a school lunch since before Thanksgiving!!!
Thanks for the inspiration!

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