Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Cheeks Hurt

I spent Saturday smiling from ear to ear.  Between the memories and watching happiness (you really can see happiness, you know?) and eating delicious food and being in my favorite place with my favorite people, I experienced bliss at its finest. 

Pumpkin Fest 2011
Confluence, PA

 The day also involved an impromptu stop at The Confluence House, a quaint bed and breakfast owned by my dad’s long-lost friend.  We enjoyed a most jolly tour and shared quite a few hearty laughs.  It’s a long, hilarious story, but I’ll spare you the intimate details (wink).  We’ll just say there was plenty of talk of moonshine.

I simply adore milky-glass windows.  Throw a pumpkin behind such glass and I'm in complete heaven.

I truly enjoyed visiting the church where my father spent his childhood years.  At times like this, I find myself humbled and thankful that some things never change.  It was exactly as he remembered it- the smell and all- and that made me happy.  Those memories are important and deserve to be relived.  I loved listening to him relive his past, telling stories and losing himself in days gone by.  It was sweet and special.

Oh delicious festival!


 And, of course we biked.  I even went walking in a corn field.  Don’t ask.  You just never know what I’ll get myself into.

Awesomely wonderful, beautiful, fun weekend.


Greta said...

Jealous. REALLY jealous.

Maria said...

beautiful photos. My favorite was the stained glass window. glad you enjoyed yourself and the beautiful weather.

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