Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Adventure

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous."

Thanks to insanely warm, unseasonable February weather, Chad-o and I were able to enjoy a hearty hike and fishing adventure over the weekend.  After a little stop at the local diner and grabbing some hot java, we were off, slowly maneuvering the bumpy, twisty turns that lead to Laurel Hill.  

Amazingly, during our entire day, we never encountered a single person.  Not one.  The quiet resonated within my heart, allowing me to spend time with my thoughts, carefully mulling over topics and situations.  The end result, you ask?  

Peace.  Understanding.  Quiet fulfillment.

Perhaps one of my favorite parts about the day was observing Chad-o.  Many times during our hike I would wonder off, perch myself on a far-away, concealed rock or branch and just watch him.  

I'm sure that the idea of watching him sounds silly.  Maybe it even sounds weird.  But, Chad-o, you see, is amazingly precise; his motions deliberate, his movements executed tediously.  

I'm so blessed that he, too, enjoys the simple things in life.


Did you ever wonder about the resiliency of nature?  How, through it all, such amazing life flourishes?  In those moments I feel so small and insignificant, yet important and instrumental.  

How's that for being contradictory? 

But, it's true.
I realize the significance life holds and the true miracle that it is.

And in the still quiet of a forest full of life, I whisper words of thanks.

Because, without a doubt, I have been given a blessed life, full of love and grace.

Isn't it the simple things, like this outdoor chapel, which prove the most beautiful?  
What a perfectly wonderful location in which to talk to God.
happy sigh

 And then, in what seemed like the blink of an eye, the sun began its daily retreat, grabbing the clouds and warmth and snuggling in for a sweet slumber.   

As the temperatures dropped and the sun prepared for sleep, we made our way home, having successfully caught 5 rainbow trout and hiked many miles.

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Maria said...

Is that chapel at Laurel Hill??? I took the kids last year to sleigh ride on their "Hills". We didn't go too far or fast but the boys made a fire in one of the fire pits and I brought hot chocolate and stuff for smores...who says that are only good for Summer camp fires??

I love your pictures and they relaxed me too. Thanks for posting!

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