Monday, October 13, 2008

Perfect Scenery

I love living in the Laurel Highlands. This time of year affords such beautiful views and all-around amazing foliage. Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to take a few photo walks, and even embarked on a "photography field trip" with my new picture taking friends. It really amazes me at how much can be done with a camera.

While on our field trip at Kooser State Park, we bumped into the nicest fisherman. As it turns out, he was a professional photographer from New York who worked for the New York Daily News and was previously embedded with the US Army in Iraq. While there, he was responsible for creating the Kodak moments that all of us back in the USA get to observe. Anyway, he was kind enough to get out his equipment and let us play around with it. His lenses were absolutely stunning....

What a wonderful weekend it turned out to be. Chad-o and I ventured to J-town where we indulged in the delicious chips and salsa at Chili's and saw the movie, "Body of Lies." I highly recommend it. Our Saturday was full of odds and ends, Charlie got a fur cut, and I went shopping for my stained glass supplies. I chose an odd, brownish, amber color of glass to make my lamp. I enjoy the natural look more than the bright colors. We then ate out (again) and capped the evening with some drinks and wine at the Tavern.

Weekend, why must you go so fast?


Maria said...

Your class sounds wonderful...I like field trips!

Your photos are beautiful. You caught the color and lines of the leaf so perfectly!

What was the photographer's name that you met? Does he still work for the Daily News? One of my favorite "home town" papers!

I look forward to seeing your stained glass when it's completed!

See you in Altoona tomorrow!

Greta said...


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