Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still Life

Photography class came to a close this evening. As a culminating activity, we were assigned to bring numerous objects to class in an attempt to create a still life photo. Interestingly enough, the pieces I chose were all shinny and gave off a tricky reflection. Learning how to manipulate the reflection, play with light, and even use it to an artistic advantage emerged as a true photographic experience.

I enjoyed learning about others through the different artifacts they brought to class. Once we were given this assignment, I immediately knew what I wanted to use. The teapot speaks of my love for warm beverages and cuddle sessions; the daisy tops my favorite flower chart, and is actually the top of a perfume bottle; the necklace has proven itself rather lucky, as I wore it for my job interviews in both Fairfax and Berlin; and the small glass bottle demonstrates my love of tiny, delicate things.

I'm lonely tonight.... my Chad-o is at the Penguin game and I'm here with a sleeping puppy. It's great he's off having fun with friends, but I miss him. Hurry home, Turbo!


Greta said...

Great Picture... however, the nickname Turbo has me intrigued.. where did that come from???? Miss you

Maria said...


I love black and white photos. You really caught the light in this one. Did they have you develop them there or are they all digital. You should get a bigger one of this and the one with the orange leaf. I love that one!

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