Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nectar of the Gods

There's this little place called the Summit Diner that Chad-o and I frequent quite often. The other day we were indulging in some vegetable soup and sandwiches when a quirky little sign caught my attention. It read: Coffee- Do Stupid Things Faster With More Energy. Too funny! Being a slave to the highly caffeinated, warm, rich beverage, the sign hit a nerve with me.

I'm always looking for a reason to partake in this small pleasure. I don't know if it's that I enjoy holding a piping hot mug or if the smell reminds me of my mom's kitchen, but either way, coffee has a calming effect on me. Crazy, isn't it? Most people use it to perk themselves up, where I, on the other hand, find it relaxing and comforting.

Greta, thanks for the adorable picture that popped up in my mailbox today. You instantly brought a smile to my face and made me miss our coffee, cookie, and talking time more than ever. I miss you and our good times at Saratoga.


Greta said...

Perfect title for the perfect beverage. It makes me want to go make a pot right now. However, at this very moment all I want is for you to be here to share it with me. Miss you!

Maria said...


I loved the flavored brands too. There is something comforting when you wrap you hands around your favorite mug.

One of my mugs says "panic attack or coffee buzz, you make the call." One of my older students with Autism read it and cracked up laughing!

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