Friday, June 19, 2009

Flowers for Friday

"Flowers are happy things."
~P.G. Wodehouse

I've been working away on my office. So, far I've let you see bits and pieces of my little haven, and I decided that today I'd bring some flowers indoors, providing you with a tad more food for thought.

I came across this little vase last week. I so enjoy finds like this; unique, simple, a tad eclectic. Not to mention, I'm a bit hooked on poppy orange. It completely clashes with my scheme, but I like that. When things are too coordinated, I jet jittery.

Oh yea, if you remember the day I repainted that old oak jewelry armoire, you'll notice the vase now sits upon it.

So, get yourself some flowers, give some to the one you love, or just go walk through a garden. We all deserve flowers. We made it to Friday.


Maria said...

Your posts are so cheerful. Thanks. And yes I made friday.

I wish Timothy would visit Cynthia is NYC and I want to read a Violet book.

Cathy said...

just might be pleasantly surprised :)

Greta said...

LOVED this one and totally agree about phones... I'd love to throw Jer's blackberry out the window! Cool phone and vase!

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