Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello Little Darling, It's Nice to Meet You

"There is a very fine line between a hobby and a mental illness."
~Dave Berry

Finally, after gallons of water, mucho love and affection, and warm, sunny skies, my little clematis bloomed. I know, it's not really anything major, but it truly excites me. I enjoy the little things.

Plus, since this year is my first attempt at anything of significance in the gardening realm, I'm trying to record all events., pardon me for being abnormally obsessed.... (sigh)


Maria said...

what a wonderful "mommy" you are! Nurturing those flowers and herbs and veggies. I would say your thumb is definitely green.

Anna said...

I found your blog through Karey's and have been enjoying it for some time! I enjoy so much seeing how much passion you have for everything you do. Thanks so much for your thoughts about Aaron. This too shall pass and we are so blessed to have such great and dilligent doctors. I'm sure we'll pull through and adapt just fine in the long run! As a random side note...this year I determined to start an herb garden and have yet had time to plant my seeds. I use dill in my fall canning and need it desperately this year. Do you know off-hand if early next week, when it looks like we'll finally be home, would be too late to plant dill and basil and spearmint? I wanted to try cilantro and sage and rosemary also, however, they aren't as necessary...just wondering! Thanks again for your thoughts and concern it is MUCH appreciated!

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