Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Answer to My Chilly Dilemas.

"May every stitch you knit bring you a little closer
to that calm, clear space in the center of your soul."
~ Earth Heart Designs

Charlie T. has managed to wedge herself between my lap and the keyboard. I'm pretty sure she's scared. Between cracks of lightening, rumbling thunder, and a pelting rain, she's reached her maximum stress level. Poor thing.

Me, however, I couldn't be more cozy if I tried. Fresh out of the shower and sporting a fresh do-it-myself pedicure, I'm pretty content. Nights like this are the cream in my coffee. Oh, and speaking of coffee, I'm also enjoying a delicious cup. Bliss? I think so.

I started out the morning with a new idea, and a rather crazy one at that. You see, the temperature today reached into the high 80s and the humidity level was something we'd probably be better off to forget. I had a picnic at the playground planned with my friend and her children and a houseful of construction workers hammering and sawing away. Things were a bit busy.

So, obviously, it was the perfect day to knit up a pair of gloves, right?

Exactly. I thought so, too.

But, these aren't just any pair of gloves. Allow me to introduce my first pair of fingerless gloves, or as I have so eloquently dubbed them, Robber Gloves.

I think everyone should have a pair. How many times have you donned your bulky winter attire only to chew off the finger of your glove as you dug through your purse for your keys? Ever been to a football game and tried to dip your nacho while wearing a cumbersome hand warmer, only to end up with lint stuck to your tongue? What about shopping at the autumn bazaars? Who likes to dig through a wallet with a heavy set of gloves or mittens?

Not me.

Hence, a perfect solution-- the answer we all need.

Robber gloves.

Functional. Fashionable. Warm.

1 comment:

Maria said...

and so very chic. (did I spell that right?) Anyway, they are very nice! Now you have another creation to add to your booties!

On the opposite side of the state...humid but no storms. we enjoyed another great night in the pool!

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