Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fine. Take That.

"Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails."
~Max Eastman

This morning brought gray skies and a cozy feeling. The breeze blew the tree branches and lush vegetation, creating a ballet of green dancers frolicking through the neighborhood. With tea in hand, I made my way to the workshop and settled in for some time with my favorite blogs and websites. Of course, just about the time I settled in, got comfy in my chair, and enjoyed my first sip of warm, sweet tea, the air-conditioner repair man came to the door.


You should also know that I've been trying to teach my old dog a new trick. Yes, it's true. Unfortunately she feels the need to sit in the front window and bark and bark and bark and bark each and every time someone walks by. And, being that we live in a quaint neighborhood, people are always walking by...usually, with a dog or two.

So, I'm sure you can understand why I've had it, why I can no longer take it, and why the barking must stop. We've been making progress and I've only started working on this about a week ago. Combine my amazing teaching talents and her above average intelligence and we're quite the team. Thankfully, things are getting much better.

Little Peep, the master of all, knew that the repair man lurked outside the walls of the house. She pranced and pawed and huffed and puffed, but she didn't bark. Every time that she started a deep "gurring" sound, I firmly reminded her, "No. No barking."

She was made at me. I could tell. Finally, she turned to me, let out this huge sigh/snort, turned around, walked away, and hid under the bed.

Oh my goodness- it was too funny. I could practically hear her saying, "Agh! You make me so mad, Mama. I'm going to go pout."

Alas, she never did bark. Mission accomplished.

And, you'll be happy to know, she has emerged from her hiding place and found a warm sunbeam to bask in.

Good girl, Munchkin. Your mama is proud.

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Maria said...

This is so hilarious!! Exactly what our students need...consistency, and a firm loving voice!!! LOVE IT!!!

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