Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fulfilling My Promise: A Picture of Possiblity

"I dwell in possibility."
~ Emily Dickinson
Can't you just picture it~quietly lounging on that oh-so-sweet sun porch with refreshing glass of lemonade? Or, perhaps it's evening, the sun is setting, and you're settling in with a cup of coffee, the evening newspaper, and your trusty little dog. Do you envision a little lamp burning on a wicker end table, while a few vanilla scented candles permeate the air?

Maybe it's a rainy morning. The smell of damp grass and morning fog gently creep between the nooks and crannies of the deteriorating boards. You are nestled amongst the pillowed chaise-lounge and an antique quilt. The quilt is made of tattered yellow and baby-pink fabrics.

The leaves are falling and the porch finds itself adorned with mums and pumpkins and a few cornstalks. Children come to trick-or-treat and find a hospitable resting place, complete with warm apple cider and homemade pumpkin gobs. They take a candy-collecting break, talk about where to go for the best treats, and scope out their current stash. A jack-o-lantern glows through the windows, silently greeting all who enter or pass by with a friendly smile.

As the days grow shorter and the snow begins to fall, tiny white candle lights appear in every window. They create a feeling of calm and comfort as they assist in preparation for a long and cold winter. The porch proudly sports a real Christmas tree, complete with twinkle lights, hand-strung popcorn, and crafty little ornaments. Boughs of pine and holly and garland complete the yuletide decor.

Oh geez- you don't even want me to get started on the living room and the kitchen and the cute backyard patio.

Can't you just picture it though? Wouldn't you want to spend a quiet weekend nestled at the end of this delightfully sweet street?


Greta said...

When is this becoming the Wheeler abode? I'm there if you buy it. :) My pick is coffee on the porch but with Cathy as my partner and a lota lota chatting!

Maria said...

Beautiful photos. I like the coffee on the porch too. Chatting and enjoying an evening sunset, church bells in the background, kids riding by on their bikes. Sounds like a great summer night.

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