Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pot of Gold: Patience

"It is always helpful to learn from your mistakes, because then your mistakes seem worthwhile."
~ Garry Marshall

Today, I truly lucked out.

This afternoon, as I continued to work on my stash of handmade goodies, I learned an important lesson: Do not knit when tired, eating, or while watching Oprah and Lisa Ling interview women from the FLDS compound. It's a recipe for disaster.

I was fully absorbed in my sleepiness, the television, my delicious after-school snack, and the knitting, when I realized, much to my dismay, that I had a serious knitting conundrum on my hands.

Somehow, I must have missed a row, or turned the needles a bit to early, or made a horrible error in knitting judgement. Whatever the case, my little project was looking rather glum.

Normally, I'd rip the whole thing out, huff and puff under my breath, and start over. Today was different. Today was new. Today I went out on a limb.

"I'm going to fix this," I mumbled to myself. "Certainly I can figure out how to rip out a few rows and pick up where I left off."

I'm pleased to report that after 45 minutes of attempting, ripping out, counting intricate stitches, and beginning again, I got it.


Perhaps my little leprechaun friend is looking out for me?

Whew... luck. (and like my dad says, a lot of hard work)

Blessings and Luck.


Greta said...

This is a great example of why I'll probably never do anything crafty. Being patient.
Miss you friend!

Maria said...

You are one of the most patient people I know! I bet your scrubbies are beautiful!

Looks like we may have a nice weekend! Spring is coming soon.

Patience...a true gift.

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