Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finding the Ray of Sunshine

"Understanding that
heavy things can't fly,
she let go of what was weighing on her heart,
the things she could no more control than carry,
and she gave herself a chance,
a chance to reach to reach into the unassuming blue,
to embrace the possibility of an open sky,
with an open heart.
She gave herself a chance to soar."
~Jodi Hills, An Imperfect Life

Pardon my absence, but it's been a trying week. Did you ever notice how hard it is to watch people in agony? For me, it's impossible. I'd love to take all the worry and hurt and disappointment and struggle away from some people, and carry the burden myself.

Here's to a new week, a week filled with the promise of goodness and wonder.


Maria said...

I understand your difficulty. I wish I can make all the pain go away too.

So blessed! said...

Hi Cathy,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Yours is lovely.
Yes, Brin's blog is wonderful. I wish you could experience her new bakery too. I can't wait until I have to chance to make the trip again. I will fill you in on it after I go. Can't wait. I'll be back to visit again soon!

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