Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Showers...Bring a trip to Buy Flowers!

"Who loves a garden loves a greenhouse, too."
~ William Cowper

I celebrated the first of April by visiting the greenhouse. Lucky me, I pass it to and from work everyday. It always tempts me, but today I gave in. I wanted to buy Mrs. Wilson a purple shamrock plant for her super-sweet generosity. You see, she has been so kind as to share many of her plant cuttings with me. Thanks to her, I have quite a nifty little collection.

The greenhouse proved an invigorating stop. I could have spent hours browsing the isles and hundreds of dollars on seeds, hanging baskets, and the gorgeous hydrangeas. They honestly were perfect they looked artificial.... (I would have photographed them, but people were already looking at me strangely. I was balancing three plants, a purple shamrock, and attempting to steady my camera. Obviously, I was not your typical flower shopper...)

1 comment:

Maria said...

I love shamrock plants. They are pretty. I also love adelweiss. (from the Sound of Music song)

If you are looking for flat beds for the spring, I'll send Jack your way. They are selling them for boyscouts.

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