Wednesday, April 1, 2009


"A torn-up book is rarely dusty."
~ author unknown

This week I witnessed something wonderful. Actually, it both fascinates and excites me.

I have an entire classroom full of pre-teen girls who are completely and utterly obsessed with the Twilight series of books. It has been brewing for quite a while, but Monday brought the eruption of the volcano. Thank you, Stephenie Meyer, for providing my students with an outlet that shows the true joy of reading.

After I gave into the madness and read the first book in the series, I started to share with my students how much I enjoyed the book. I told them bits and pieces of the plot, careful not to give any of the "good stuff" away. I would preach about my favorite characters and how I wanted a red truck like Bella's.

Well it seems that they, too, have been bitten by the vampires. And, personally, I couldn't be happier.

Every morning my girls come running (literally) into my classroom, where they proceed to give me a very long synopsis of what they read the night before. I listen and nod and smile and comment and we bond. It's a great way to have dialogue with adolescent girls.

Even the boys have been bitten. They pick at the girls and make fun of Edward and Jacob, but the funny thing is they actually know about them and haven't even read the books.

For better or worse, they are subject to constant chatter about Edward and his silver Volvo, Jacob and Bella's time at LaPush, and the ever present battle about who is hotter: Jasper or Emmet. It's honestly hilarious to listen to. I wish you could hear it. I always jump into the conversation, adding my two cents and stirring the pot.

Monday morning brought many jealous girls as two of my students started off the week with Twilight tote bags. They proudly carried their notebooks and folders into room 11 in style. The envy was apparent as the other girls flocked to check out the new goods. Naturally, they all plan to get their own this weekend.

Since Monday we have started a Twilight collection in the room. We are making a collage of Twilight memorabilia. We have pictures, magazine articles and photos, t-shirts, tote bags, computer printouts, bookmarkers etc. I revel in the excitement-- they are talking about books!

When I think about all the children that have borrowed and read and enjoyed and passed my book on to the next student, I just couldn't be happier. I find true delight when I look at a book and it shows wear and tear.

I glance around my classroom at the numerous copies of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn and observe the ripped covers, curled pages, and cracked spines. I don't mind one bit.

This means they have been read. This means they have been loved.

(The above photos were taken in my classroom on Monday afternoon, as we attempted to make a quick collection of all items Twilight. I tried my best to capture the tote-bags, the aforementioned coveted accessory.)


Maria said...

It is great to see how much kids are reading with the twilight books. How about Challenging the boys to make a Mike Lupica corner and finding his articles online. Just a thought?

PS...Just in case no one told you lately, you are awesome.

Maria said...

PS..he also has a

Greta said...

:) Just saw the movie last night and now know why Robert Pattinson is the next Man! :) I have to say I'm curious if I should dig into the books. Would you say the movie is as good as the book?
About to blog on the movie now... :)

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