Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lovely Day

"Simplicity is an acquired taste. Mankind, left free, instinctively complicates life."
~Katherine Fullerton Gerould

Today, the road ahead of me was wide open. I had an entire day to do whatever it was that would please my soul.

Naturally, there were a few errands, but it was rejuvenating to cross them off my list. Plus, now I officially do not lead a double life. Finally, after 9 months of marriage, I went to the Social Security office and changed my name. I guess there was a small part of me just couldn't imagine being someone else.

I also made a completely random stop at the Erbe Shoppe. I only wish you could go. The place is so quaint and charming and makes you want to move to a cottage in the woods where you can plant your own garden, admire your flowers, sip tea on a shady porch, and cook all your meals using organic, homegrown goodies.

The shoppe is quite tiny, really. It's probably not any bigger than your bedroom. However, it's stuffed to the gills with all kinds of herbal treats; loose teas, handmade,natural soaps, essential oils, baggies of fresh herbs, books, jellies and jams, coffees, and tons of cute trinkets.

Plus, I met the kindest, most interesting man. He's a lawyer uptown. Apparently he visits the little shop everyday for a cup of tea and some conversation with the owner, Ann. He walked all around the store with me, pointing out this and that, suggesting his favorite teas, and talking about life. I really enjoy being around people like that. Real, honest, kind people. People without an agenda. People who can loose themselves in the art of conversation. So rare these days, don't you think?

While talking, exchanging stories, and choosing teas, the squawking and tweeting of some nearby birds caused a mild disturbance. The three of us (me, the owner, and my new pal) went outside to investigate. Above the door, directly under the sign, a mama bird was tending to and nurturing her eggs.

The owner went on to inform us that this bird has been making her home above the bay leaves and under then sign for more than five years. None of us could identify the species of our feathered friend, but found her to be highly entertaining to watch and listen to.

It was a good day. I picked up a few new teas, purchased two vanilla beans (one for the sugar dish and one to make extract with), found some nifty soaps, sampled a remarkably delicious bar of Belgium dark chocolate, and enjoyed some simple and refreshing conversation with two of the nicest people.

Then, I got in my rickety red car and went for a drive. I took this picture while cruising along a road in Zehnerville. Isn't it just a lovely day (grin)?


Maria said...

WOW, you caught the beauty of somerset county. We went all over manhattan today...china town, little italy, 5th ave, Union Square. It was great fun. we had lunch in a beautiful Italian restaurant that had an little arborium and fresh flowers. It was wonderful. I'll have to post some photos

enjoy your break.

Greta said...

Wish I could have been your passenger!

LEsherick2008 said...

Ahh the Erbe Shoppe yes its tiny but filled with treasures. Need to visit this shop again soon. I love all the small shops in Somerset the two Amish Shops I visit are nice two in their own ways. We like to go to a specific butcher for meats and you know where for some of the best fruits and vegetables in Somerset. Bis stores have their place sometimes but you can't beat the small community shops.

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