Sunday, May 23, 2010

Call Me Lawn Ninja

"I enjoy mowing the lawn, it relaxes me. It gets me outdoors, it's good exercise, the freshly cut grass smells great, and the engine is loud enough that I'm sure no one else can hear my thoughts - or intrude upon them."
~Astrid Alauda

For the first time in 28 years, I found myself in charge of caring for a lawn. Now, don't get me wrong, I've always planted flowers and taken splendid care of the"girl stuff", but today I tackled the responsibility of cutting the grass. I'm sure my neighbors had themselves a hearty laugh as the mower is practically bigger than me.

But, oh the fun! I actually enjoyed every second of it and managed to get a pretty intense workout. Plus, I never realized the actual greatness of the size of the lawn. Holy half acre.

After bagging up all the grass and sweeping the street, I took a few minutes to admire my pristine mowing job. The sun poured down upon the lawn, creating a gorgeous glow on the freshly tended landscape.

Apparently, other critters busied themselves as well.

403 was quite the little workshop today. And, no, I'm not for hire- don't ask.



Greta said...

HOLY HALF ACRE ... you crack me up!

Maria said...

I love the photos with the birds and the bees!!! Your photography never ceases to impress me. Then you tackle the lawn. Awesome.

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