Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning Thinking

"When you are through changing, you are through."
~Bruce Barton

My life is really quite wonderful,
but I'm getting bored.
I need something new. A new focus, something exciting.
Sometimes my days, although packed with to-do lists and chores, never change.
It's the same old rat-race, with the same routine, and same plan.

Routines and plans certainly are responsible.
But, sometimes those routines are boring and mundane and so void of real life.
Sometimes I get so caught up the the "doing what needs done", that I forget to have fun,
or dance, or skip down the street, or spend the entire weekend being free.

I miss being able to have silly fun, or decorate a room with vibrant colors, or have carpet picnics with messy foods.
I miss the excitement that comes with being a bit irresponsible.
I need a change, or a new project, or a new purpose....sigh....


Maria said...

Come on down to the Murphy's! We had crazy weird fun this weekend.

Seriously though, if Laurel Arts doesn't have a good class to spark your intellect and creativity, did you try Bottleworks in Johnstown or an Adult Ed class at a Pittsburgh campus? Sometimes they have classes. Or BN in Altoona or Greensburg may have a book club for you.

You are too creative, energetic and intelligent to stay in a rut for long.

Happy Hunting!

Greta said...

i vote for a baby

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